The Trinidad Test
  Where it all started -   The 2nd Test match,   Port of Spain, Trinidad   March 2004, where the   Carib Beer XI was born

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Mr Martin Haigh (Sir Martin)
Captain, Chairman and Team Manager.

Mr Haigh is the club captain and a bit of an all rounder. His bowling is straight and batting is in the Graham Thorpe style, clipping the odd one here and there.

The Essex and Northern boys have never spoken to anyone so posh their lives. In fact, Mr Haigh has now become friends with a top (former) Tory politician, visiting their home for tea before setting off to the ballet.

Mr Haigh is not a party boy, although we suspect that he may have been if Pimms was readily available in Barbados. Finally, Mr Haigh wasn't comfortable being a member of the Carib Beer XI, hence the name Mr Haigh and the Carib Beer X.

Barry Willis (Bazza)

Barry can probably best be described as the clown of the team, which can be somewhat self defeating when he attempts to terrify the batsmen by thundering in from yet another 100 yard run up with a huge grin on his face. However, Bazza is nevertheless a useful all rounder, although his umpring is poor.

Soon to be a married man, Bazza's days as a fully paid up member of the party boys are now numbered, however, this didn't prevent him from familiarising himself with the various Bajan drinks menus along with the best of them, athough a couple of girly early nights did tarnish this image somewhat.

(Note: Barry has subsequently got married to a delightful young lady who although not a natural at cricket, has proven herself to be the one that wears the whites in the Willis household by taking considerably more wickets than her husband in the one game that she played for us - see Mr Gooch's profile for details).

Phil Cordey (Badger)

Phil is a ginger northerner. His bowling is poor but his batting such that he realises he will only last 10 deliveries, but he can probably get 30-40 in that time.

Phil is well known as a Karaoke king and sings 500 miles more often than the Proclaimers, although it's fair to say that this sounds better with a Scottish accent than Burnley.

Phil has recently got married to the lovely, half Spanish, Helen, which will hopefully bring to an end the ginger gene in the Cordey family tree. After a few quiet days in Barbados, so he was OK for Diving, Phil was a welcome inclusion to the Party Boys, mainly because he brought Pina Colada and Strawberry Daquari with him.

Peter Rogerson (Jimmy Anderson)
Webmaster & Official Scorer

Peter is the best bowler on the team, but gets upset when asked to bowl up hill on our home pitch. This sometimes results in the normally timid Peter making harsh decisions against his own captain when umpiring.

Pete is the most impressive drinker on the team and was the driving force behind the Party Boys. Probably the finest moment on the tour was seeing Peter's face when he met his idol Jimmy Anderson, although we all thought it a bit weird when he spent the rest of the day in the toilet.

Andrew Weaver (Chalfie)
Tour Manager

Andy is a bit of a line and length bowler and a decent enough batter, whilst never really concerning the England test selectors.

Being the tour organiser we have a lot to be grateful to him for; and in fact we thought that Andy Weaver was unique until we saw the Fat Andy Weaver in Trinidad. The image has ensured Andy keeps up exercise and healthy eating, as he realises the girls wouldn't like him fat.

Andy is a bit of a clever bugger and was an important part of the Pina Colada VIII quiz team.

Glen Rayner (Goochie)
Entertainment Committee 1

Glen, or Mr Gooch as he has been re-christened due to his resemblance to Graham, is more of a rugby player than a Cricketer. He has a unique bowling style, which tricks batsmen into trying to hit 6's and getting caught in the deep.

As a founder member of the infamous Bajan Party Boys 2004, we all soon realised that Glen is partial to the odd 40-year-old woman. Unfortunately, after a few beers he is a bad judge of age, and he pulls the odd 60-year-old double bagger.

He also mentions that he is 6 foot 5 and 15 stone, although don't let that intimidating statistic fool you, as Mr Gooch is currently the only player to have been dismissed by Barry Willis's wife.

Robert White (Blanco)
Entertainment Committee 2

He is a line and length bowler and a half decent batsman at our level.

R White is a party boy, although this probably upsets his parents after they named him after a popular brand of lemonade. Rob was responsible for finding the 'Car Park Bar' in Barbados, which was a car park with a bar, and the only place in Barbados open after 4am.

After a few Caribs it is fair to say that Rob is not a great person to room share with as he is more than capable of keeping you awake with the odd bit of snoring. Saying that, it's safer than sharing with Peter.

Richard Harris (Monkey Harris)
Match reporter

Rich is ginger.

Although his propensity for sustaining back injuries kept him out of most of the 2006 season, which almost certainly improved our results, we are pleased to welcome an almost fully fit Rich back for the 2007 season.

Always smiling, Rich is always up for a good laugh and a spot of Karaoke, and was a happy recipient of the daily ginger joke and packet of Ginger mints. Can certainly hold his own when it comes to drinking Pina Colada and Strawberry Daquaris and was part of the team who plotted to drink the Ship Inn dry.

Gordon Berry (El Gordo)

Gordon bowls line and length together with the odd wide, but then has a tendency to get ducks when batting.

However, Gordon is nicknamed 'Statto' due to his superior knowledge of all things sport and was a key member of the victorious Mr Haigh and the Pina Colada VIII quiz team in Barbados.

Since being back in England we have realised that he is keen on the odd Quiz machine, but only wins money when it's Bullseye.

Gordon is an expert at pulling, but unfortunately only with American girls on Spring Break.

Andy Bowen (Mr B)
New Member

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Michael Lee (General Lee)
New Member and Official Umpire

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Steve Turner (Stevinho)
New Member

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